About Us

Welcome to the Golden Community Visual Arts Society Web Site: Rocky Mountain Art. 

The purpose of this site is to provide local artists throughout the Columbia Valley and neighbouring geographical communities to connect, share ideas, learn and sell their art. 

We know that the Rocky Mountains is home to countless world-class artists who are inspired every day by where they live. We want to help connect those artists with people who share a love of art and want to be able to take home an authentic and genuine piece of the Canadian Rockies with them. With Rocky Mountain Art you can know that your art is truly unique and directly supports the artists that created it. As well as the administrator of the site, Golden Community Visual Arts Society is committed to fostering a dynamic visual arts community within our region. 

Interested in becoming a member or selling your art, please click Join Rocky Mountain Art for more details.

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All sales are subject to a twenty percent (20%) commission.