About The Golden Community Visual Arts Society

Welcome to the Golden Community Visual Arts Society Web Site and home of Rocky Mountain Art. 

The purpose of the Society is to provide an organization for Columbia Valley (and neighbouring) community artists to come together around the following goals:

  1. Foster a forum and/or place for visual artists to connect with one another, share ideas and display their work
  2. Support visual art education and mentoring for emerging and professional artist and interested community members
  3. Celebrate visual art through the promotion and recognition of visual art artists within the community.
  4. In part to act as a social enterprise to support the Society’s purpose.

Interested in finding our more about membership and how to sell through this website? Interested in becoming a member? Visit Join Rocky Mountain Art for more details.

History of Golden Art Guild

The Golden and Area “A” Art guild began in the fall of 2014. Denise English, one of our members saw a need to help artists in our community come together to foster friendship, organize workshops and have a location where art can happen on a regular basis.  In the early winter of 2015, a small group started meeting at the Senior Centre every Monday.  The Senior Society was instrumental in providing space for the group, simply by accepting a $20 yearly membership to the Society.

Six years later the group has 30 artists that meet regularly at the Centre.  The talent is growing and the support that members provide each other is amazing!  The group has organized a number of workshops; and with their partners and staff from the College of the Rockies, has engaged a multitude of instructors from every discipline of the art world. 

Since it’s inception the group has also participated in various functions in the community. For example, the artists donated 12 works of art for a silent auction to help fund the Syrian family that is immigrating to Golden. As well we collaborated with a project for Canada’s 150th birthday.  Fourteen artists painted a panel each depicting the history of Golden. These panels formed a Canadian flag. The total work is 10 feet by 12 feet and proudly hangs in our senior centre. We have also participated in an art show at AGOG in 2016, 2018 and will participate in 2021.

 Last year the group received funding from CBT to perform a strategic study on the state-of-the-art community in Golden. The study showed an overwhelming need for an arts centre in Golden. The Art Guild is working toward that goal. In January we became our own society. We have applied for 2 grants one to paint a mural on our Senior Centre and the other to have a web site for all artists in our community which will be an platform for information gathering about, a calendar with workshops listed in our community and finally a selling platform for all artist to promote their work. 

In short, the Golden Visual Community Arts Guild is a vital, thriving and exciting group of artists.  We are a community driven inclusive group of artists.