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In 1990 I was literally forced, by my employer at the time, to attend a weekend art workshop. Never had I entertained the thought of being an artist, but under duress, and at her insistence, I went. By the end of that workshop I was hooked.
Thirty years later my art has found homes worldwide. I have taught beginner and intermediate oil painting, done commission work, had one of my paintings used as a book cover for Rocky Mountain Books, and done artist in resident programs.
After moving back to the Windermere Valley in 2017, I now have my own home studio and gallery. I tend to focus on the mountain scenery of beautiful British Columbia. I love my mountains, was an avid hiker, in my younger years, and did a fair bit of climbing, so feel a strong bond with, and understanding of them.
My work was recently described as “having a great balance between photo-realism and impressionism presenting views that are expansive and lush but that remain firmly rooted in reality. Most of Cecilia’s paintings express vast landscapes. Many focus toward a central vanishing point, creating the illusion that the viewer is being drawn physically into the scene.” 

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