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Hi everyone,

Being it’s the Golden Community Art Society’s (GCVAS) first time adventure creating a fund raiser with a technology flavor….   we are hoping you are as excited as we are.  Krys Sikora has been diligently working on this project (see the attachment with her introduction email – just in case you haven’t seen it yet).  And with Denise English’s assistance, they are very pleased that several of our local businesses are showing a great interest in this project and are willing to have our artwork displayed in their establishments.  The interest has been so great that they even had some businesses phone and ask if they could be part of this “Silent Auction Art Event” – so how great it that!!  It just tells us that our community is very interested in what the Golden Community Visual Arts Society is doing and are willing to support us. 

 So all we need now is you, the artist, to help support this worthwhile endeavour and show our community the wonderful artwork that you love to create.   Keep in mind that when the artwork is displayed it is “anonymous” therefore the viewer doesn’t know who the artist is….  which is great because their view isn’t swayed by the knowledge of the work being done by a professional or someone who is fairly new to the art world.  Kinda like “The Voice” their appeal is based on what they are seeing alone…. and as the saying goes – “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.   

 We understand that it’s summer and people are very busy with yard work, or enjoying a get away, and finding time to create an artwork seems to be an issue however this might help – if you have some artwork that you have completed previously it could be used by adhering it to the 12“ x 12“ wood panel(s) being supplied for this project.  And in just a few short minutes you can say “ta da” mission accomplished.

 As you know (via Krys’ email) there are benefits for both the artist(s) and Golden Community Visual Art Society (GCVAS) – when an art piece is sold the artist will receive 50% of the proceeds and the other 50% will go to GCVAS.  With GCVAS’s portion of the proceeds, it’s the Society’s endeavor to provide more funding to bring in art instruction workshops and to develop a Youth section on the GCVAS website, know as Rocky Mountain Art Shop and/or for any future financial need that will benefit development and expansion of our Society and it’s members.  But our ultimate goal and a big one on the wish list is to eventually have a meeting place of our own – and by making an annual fund raising event this will help our cause. 

That being said, could you please drop me a note or call to express your interest in participating in this worthwhile cause by this Friday, July 2nd, 2021, (note:  if you happen to be away please don’t pass up this opportunity as we will welcome late comers too), and we can arrange a connection for obtaining the wood panels.  With your prompt response it will keep us out of suspense on whether our commitment to the already committed local businesses will come to fruition.   My contacts are:  email –    and cell phone (250) 344-1720

Thank you.

Best regards,

Denys Bardarson, Secretary

Golden Community Visual Art Society (GCVAS)     

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